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About Job Service Viewer
Job Service Viewer provides two functions. One allows you to activate the optional Bridge add-on for importing raw data from third-party applications as described earlier in the section Activating Bridge Import for Operation. The other provides job status information for the following list of job types to identify which job is currently running, those waiting in the queue to run, and a history of completed jobs:
The type of job displays in the Job Type column. All Bridge and Field Computer Receive jobs display as a Bridge job type. The EmailReports job type displays for Email Notification jobs. The ResendEmailReports job type displays when you resend an Email Notification (Figure 11-1).
Job status displays in the State column. The Current Jobs grid identifies the job that is currently running as Running and those that are waiting in the queue as Waiting. The job status Validated displays for a manual Bridge import. When the manual Bridge import is run by clicking the Run button in Bridge, the status changes to Running.
Use the Job Type drop-down list to select an option for filtering data in the window. For example, when you only want to view Bridge job types in the console, click the down arrow in the Job Type field and select Bridge in the selection list.
Figure 11-1. Current Jobs
The Job History grid provides information for completed and failed jobs. Jobs that have run successfully are labeled Completed in the State column while those that did not run successfully are labeled Failed (Figure 11-2).
Figure 11-2. Job History
A log with job information is available for all jobs listed in the Job History grid. Clicking the log icon opens a window with information similar to that shown in the following example (Figure 11-3).
Figure 11-3. Job Log Example
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