Using Email Notification : Adding Email Recipients : Adding a PCS Axis User

Adding a PCS Axis User
The following procedure explains how to add a PCS Axis user in Email Notification. The process includes assigning one or more pipeline segments to the PCS Axis user. This allows PCS Axis to send email reports that include data only for those pipeline segments assigned to the PCS Axis user.
Complete the following steps:
Click Tools > Email Notification to open the Email Notification window.
Click Add Pcs Axis User to display a list of PCS Axis users. All PCS Axis users added in User Management (Tools > User Management) display in the center panel of the Email Notification window.
Figure 12-1. Recipients / Add PCS Axis User
If PCS Axis is set up with Hierarchical Security in system Options (Tools > Options), click the down arrow in the Hierarchy field and select one of the following options. Your selection determines which pipeline segments are assigned to the user.
Select By Hierarchy Security if you want to use the same pipeline segments assigned to the user in Hierarchy Rights of User Management (Tools > User Management).
Select By Recipient Selection if you want to assign one or more pipeline segments to the PCS Axis user in the Hierarchy panel of the Recipients tab.
Note: For information about Hierarchical Security, refer to Setting Security Options and Setting Up User Management.
If By Recipient Selection is selected in the Hierarchy field, click the toggle arrow in the Hierarchy panel to view a list of pipeline segments in the hierarchy. Click the check box for each pipeline segment you want to assign to the user.
A check mark inside the check box indicates a selection. To clear a selection, click the check box to remove the check mark.
Note: Clicking the toggle button in the information bar displays information related to required property settings.
Click Add Email to open the Add Email Address dialog box (Figure 12-2).
Type an email address in the Email Address field and then click OK. Repeat this step as needed to add another email address.
Figure 12-2. Add Email Address
Click Save to save changes.
The Email Address panel displays all email addresses set up for a user selected in the center panel (Figure 12-3).
Figure 12-3. Recipients / Email Address