Using Field Computer : Quick Start : Receiving a Continuous Survey from the Allegro

Receiving a Continuous Survey from the Allegro
Information in this section explains how to receive an Allegro CeCi close interval survey file in PCS Axis.
Important: For data to transfer properly, the name of the pipeline entered in the Segment field of the Allegro CeCi survey file must match the ROW Code in PCS Axis. The survey name entered in the Run field of the CeCi survey file is used to create a survey folder in PCS Axis (Data Entry > Survey Folder Maintenance). See the Allegro MX User Guide for more information about setting properties in a CeCi survey file.
Complete the following steps:
Verify the Allegro is connected to your computer. If needed, refer to the Allegro User Guide for information about how to connect the device.
Click Field Computer > Receive to open the Field Computer Receive Data window.
Click Receive Cis Data, then click the Allegro option.
Note: CIS is an acronym for Close Interval Survey.
Click Retrieve File(s) to view a list of survey files available for selection (Figure 13-20).
A check mark inside a check box indicates a selection. To remove a selection, clear the check mark by clicking the check box again
Click Import to import selected survey file(s) in PCS Axis.
Figure 13-20. Field Computer Receive
If you are importing a survey file with Native Data, select the native survey file when the Mark Native dialog box opens. Then click OK to continue the import process (Figure 13-21).
Figure 13-21. Mark Native
The Field Computer Receive Status window displays showing the status of the import process (Figure 13-22).
Note: Survey data imported from the Allegro is indicated in the Edit ISM Data grid with information in the Allegro Survey Information field.
Figure 13-22. Field Computer Receive Status