Using Field Computer : Working with Themes and Filter Groups

Working with Themes and Filter Groups
A theme is a group of named settings saved for later use, such as a grid layout or sort theme. Themes are either public or private. A public theme is available for use by all PCS Axis users. A private theme is available only to the user who creates it.
Several installed themes are provided with the PCS Axis software installation. PCS Axis installed themes are public themes available to all PCS Axis users. These themes are identified with a globe icon and PCS in brackets [PCS], such as [PCS] Facility ID.
A filter group is a named set of one or more filters that affect the data output in the grid of Field Computer Send grid and subsequently the file sent to the Allegro. PCS Axis provides two types of filter groups you can define. These include the AND and OR filter groups.
When you add a filter group, you define filter conditions that determine which records to include or exclude. Adding an AND filter group produces a subset of records that meet all filter conditions. Adding an OR filter group produces a subset of records that meet any filter condition. When you apply a filter group, PCS Axis processes filters in descending order beginning with the filter at the top of the group.
The following sections describe how to add a layout theme, sort theme, and one or more optional filter groups. Topics include those in the following list: