Managing Themes : Working with a Facility Type Theme : Adding a Facility Type Theme Addition

Adding a Facility Type Theme Addition
To add a facility type theme addition, follow these steps:
If the Facility Type Themes window is not open, click Tools > Facility Type Themes (Figure 14-3).
Figure 14-3. Facility Type Themes Management
Click Add to open the New Facility Type Theme dialog box (Figure 14-4).
Figure 14-4. New Facility Type Theme
Select the Public check box if you want the new theme available to all PCS Axis users.
When a theme is not public, it is a private theme. A public theme is available for use by all PCS Axis users. A private theme is available only to the user who creates it.
Click the down arrow in Copy Facility Types From and select an existing facility type theme with facility types you want to copy to the new theme.
Click Save to save changes and close the dialog box.
Clicking Select All adds all facility types in the new theme. A check mark inside a check box indicates a selection (Figure 14-5).
Clicking Clear All removes all facility types in the new theme.
Click Save to save changes.
The facility type theme is now available for selection in Define Routes and Field Computer Send.
Figure 14-5. Facility Types