Using Reports and Graphs : Overview of Reports : Types of PCS Axis Reports

Types of PCS Axis Reports
The types of reports available in PCS Axis include those in the following list.
Compliance: This type of report includes statistics, such as: number of test points; number of test points surveyed; missing test points; delinquent test points; and test points below criteria. Each one provides a concise data summary. Compliance reports are a key report typically used for auditing purposes.
Delinquency: A delinquency report includes information about facilities that are currently delinquent or have been delinquent based on regulatory survey intervals. This type of report includes both interval violations and calendar year violations.
Exceptions: Report includes survey data and other related information only for facilities that fail to meet certain criteria. For example, based on filter options selected in Exception Filters, the report can include facilities with missing structure readings; structure readings less negative than –0.85; or structure readings more negative than –2.0. This type of report is helpful when trying to quickly locate a problem in the maintenance of a pipeline.
Facility Schedules: A list of facilities (such as test points, rectifiers, bonds, and galvanic anodes) that need to be surveyed based on the last survey date and target survey month.
Survey: All data collected for each facility for a specific survey period.