Using Reports and Graphs : Overview of Reports : Description of PCS Axis Reports : Module Reports

Module Reports
Reports available for selection include those in the following list:
Module Survey Report
The survey report includes survey information by module, such as the CPDM Survey Report. It is available in a columnar, summary, or graph report style. The report includes all facility data in the survey period selected for the report, such as facility data in a survey period for the CPDM Survey Report (Figure 15-4).
Figure 15-4. Example of CPDM Survey Report
Module Data Collection Report
The data collection report is a blank report used by technicians and vendors to record survey readings in the field. It is available for selection in all modules except ISM. The report uses a columnar report style and includes survey information by module, such as the CPDM Data Collection Report. Based on the survey type selected when setting up the report, it includes a list of facilities and other optional data, such as previous survey readings (Figure 15-5).
Figure 15-5. Example of CPDM Data Collection Report