Using Reports and Graphs : Quick Start : Working with a Report Based on the Graph Style

Working with a Report Based on the Graph Style
Complete the following steps to set up and print or export a report based on the Graph report style:
Complete the following steps:
Select one or more pipeline segments in the Select ROWs window. Choose pipeline segment(s) with facilities you want to include in the graph. Click Save to close the window.
Figure 15-25. Select ROWs
Click Reports/Graphs and select a report in the menu.
Click the Graph tab to open a property settings window. For example, the next figure shows the property settings window for the Test Point Inspection graph (Figure 15-26).
Click the down arrow in the field Select Layout Theme and choose a layout theme in the selection list.
In the Band Fields group box, click the check box for more or more types of survey data you want to include in the graph.
Select one or more Facility Surveys in the Survey Selections group box. To select facility surveys in sequential order, press Shift and then click each survey. To select facility survey in non-sequential order, press Ctrl and then click each survey.
A check mark inside the check box indicates a selection. To clear the selection, click the check box again to remove the check mark.
Select one or more options in the Filters group box to filter graph data according to your filter selection(s). For example, click Active Facilities Only to only include active facilities in the graph.
Figure 15-26. Test Point Inspection Graph Report
If you want to add the graph in Favorite Reports, click Add Favorite.
Note: If you want to remove a favorite report listed in Favorite Reports, open the report and then click Remove Favorite in the report options window.
To view the graph, click Graph to open the graph in a preview window. Then click the Print button to print the graph.