Using Synchronization : Creating the Publication : Confirming Share Folder Access

Confirming Share Folder Access
Before creating the publication, verify the items in the following list are available to ensure successful creation of the publication and subscription databases:
Share Folder: Confirm with your company’s database administrator (DBA) or IT group that a share folder has been added on the server for the publication snapshot files. These files are a “snapshot” of the PCS Axis database and are created at the time you create the publication. They are also updated when changes in the database structure are detected by the Snapshot Agent.
Share Folder Access and Permissions: Confirm with your company’s DBA or IT group that the share folder is accessible to any Windows domain user who will be configuring a subscription. These users require read/write permissions set up for the share folder on the server.
Note: The path and name of the server and share folder are needed later when creating the publication. The format for this information appears as:
Snapshot Agent Security: Confirm with your company’s DBA or IT group that the Snapshot Agent is set up on the publication to run as a process under a Windows domain account. This requirement is set in the Agent Security page when using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). It allows PCS Axis to re-initialize a subscription that has expired.
Note: An expired subscription occurs when a subscriber does not synchronize within the publication retention period, also referred to as subscription expiration period. The publication retention period is set in the field Subscription expiration in the General page when using SQL Server Management Studio.