Using Synchronization : Adding Subscribers

Adding Subscribers
The following information explains how to add one or more subscribers (remote users) who will set up and use a subscription database on their local computer. Information in this section is intended for the PCS Axis System Administrator or a PCS Axis user with SysAdmin permissions.
To add one or more subscribers, follow these steps:
Click Tools > Synchronization > Synchronization Configuration to open the Synchronization Configuration window (Figure 16-4).
Note: A list of users previously added as a subscriber display in the Subscribers panel of the Synchronization Configuration window. Information in the Subscription Name field identifies whether or not a subscription has been set up on a subscriber’s local computer. When a subscription has been set up, the name of the subscriber’s computer and subscription display in the field. Otherwise, Unconfigured displays as shown in the next figure (Figure 16-4).
Figure 16-4. Synchronization Configuration
Click Add to open the Add Subscription dialog box (Figure 16-5).
The dialog box includes a list of PCS Axis users available for set up as a Subscriber. Users are also set up as an Active user in User Management (Tools > User Management).
Repeat steps "3" and "3" to add additional subscribers as needed. When you finish, click the close button to close the Synchronization Configuration window.
Subscribers can now configure a subscription on their local computer. See Configuring a Subscription for more information.
Figure 16-5. Add Subscription