Using Synchronization : Configuring a Subscription

Configuring a Subscription
Information in this section explains how to set up a subscription on the local computer of a PCS Axis user who has previously been added as a subscriber in Synchronization Configuration. The information is intended for PCS Axis users with User or SysAdmin permissions.
Important: Because the configuration process transfers a full copy of the publication snapshot to the subscriber’s computer, it’s recommended that a high-speed reliable connection to the server be available when configuring the subscription. Subsequent synchronizations only update data that has changed between the publication and subscription databases.
To configure a subscription on a subscriber’s computer, follow these steps:
Important: Microsoft SQL Server must be installed on the computer you plan to create and configure a subscription. For more information, refer to the AI document entitled PCS Axis Client/Server New Installation with Replication. This document is available for download in the section entitled Installation Guidesof PCS Axis Help.
Click Tools > Configure Subscription to open the Configure Subscriber dialog box (Figure 16-6).
PCS Axis provides the name of the subscriber’s computer in the field Enter Instance Name. Include the name of the local SQL server instance in this field using the following format:
Note: To view the name of the local SQL server instance using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS):
(1) Start SSMS and connect to the server.
(2) Right-click the server instance in
Object Explorer and select Properties.
(3) On the General page, view the SQL server instance name in the Name field.
If you want to use a different subscription database name than the default name set up previously in system Options (Tools > Options > General), type a name in the field Enter Subscription Database Path.
Click OK to create the subscription database.
Figure 16-6. Configure Subscriber
Click OK when the message Subscription Complete Restart displays (Figure 16-7).
When the process completes, the PCS Axis software automatically restarts and then connects the user to the subscription database on the local computer. In SQL Server Management Studio, the name of the subscription database is added in the Replication/Local Subscriptions folder in Object Explorer.
Figure 16-7. Subscription Complete Restart
Note: To view information for the current server and database connection, as well as the software version of PCS Axis, click Help > About PCS Axis. The About dialog box displays the current server and database connection in the Connection field. The Version field identifies the current database and software version. See Viewing Information About PCS Axis.