Using Synchronization : Synchronizing a Subscription

Synchronizing a Subscription
Information in this section explains how a subscriber (remote user) can synchronize the subscription database on their local computer with the publication database on the network server. When a subscription database is about to expire, PCS Axis displays a message to notify the subscriber (Figure 16-8).
Figure 16-8. Pending Subscription Expiration
Important: To avoid data conflicts, it is important to synchronize data between the publisher and each subscriber at frequent intervals. The subscriber must establish a reliable high-speed connection to the publisher to successfully synchronize data.
To synchronize a subscription, follow these steps:
Click Tools > Synchronize Now to open the Synchronize Now dialog box. Then click Start (Figure 16-9).
Figure 16-9. Synchronize Now
Click OK when the message Synchronization Complete displays to complete the process (Figure 16-10).
Figure 16-10. Synchronization Complete