Using Synchronization : Reinitializing a Subscription

Reinitializing a Subscription
When a subscription database has expired, PCS Axis displays a message on the local computer of the subscriber informing the user their subscription has expired (Figure 16-11). The procedure in this section explains how a subscriber can re-initialize the expired subscription on their local computer when a connection to the publication database has been established.
Important: Unsynchronized data is lost when re-initializing a subscription. To avoid losing unsynchronized data, first use Bridge to export data. Then use Bridge again to import data after re-initialization is complete. See Using Bridge for more information.
Figure 16-11. Expired Subscription
Important: Because the re-initialization process transfers a full copy of the publication snapshot to the subscriber’s computer, it’s recommended that a high-speed reliable connection to the publication server be available when re-initializing the subscription.
To re-initialize an expired subscription, follow these steps:
Click Tools > Subscription Configuration to open the Subscription Configuration dialog box (Figure 16-12).
Note: The server name, database name, and publication name for the subscription display in the field Subscription Name (Figure 16-12).
Figure 16-12. Subscription Configuration/Re-initialize Subscription
Click Yes when the message Reinitialize Subscription displays (Figure 16-13).
The message includes the following information for the subscription: name of the server, primary database, and publication. This is shown in the following figure as ServerName:DatabaseName:PublicationName.
Figure 16-13. Reinitialize Subscription
Click OK when the message Subscription Reinitialized displays (Figure 16-14). Then click Close to close the Subscription Configuration dialog box (Figure 16-12).
Figure 16-14. Subscription Reinitialized