Using Synchronization : Switching Database Connections

Switching Database Connections
Subscribers have the option of switching database connections when logging into the PCS Axis software. This feature allows a subscriber to connect either to the subscription database on their local computer or the publication database on the company network server. It is intended for subscribers working from the company main office instead of a remote field office.
Important: Before switching database connections, the subscriber must first synchronize data between the publication and subscription databases.
To switch database connections, follow these steps:
Figure 16-15. Synchronize Now
Click OK when the message Synchronization Complete displays to complete the process (Figure 16-16).
Figure 16-16. Synchronization Complete
Click Log Out in the main menu. Then click Yes when the Logout message displays.
When the Login window displays, type your Windows password in the Password field and then complete one of the following steps to switch database connections (Figure 16-17):
To switch to the publication, click the check box Use Subscription to clear the check mark.
To switch to your subscription, click the check box Use Subscription to place a check mark inside the check box.
Figure 16-17. PCS Axis Login