Managing the Database : Running Database Integrity Check

Running Database Integrity Check
In the unlikely event data becomes corrupted in the database, use Database Integrity Check to identify and resolve instances of data inconsistencies. The process performs an audit of the database searching for issues that may prevent PCS Axis from loading or performing basic functions. Its purpose is to clean up data issues that may cause problems for users. For example, database issues the auditing process detects and corrects include:
To run Database Integrity Check:
Click File > Database Integrity Check to open the Data Auditor window (Figure 17-1). Then click Run.
The message Running displays during the database audit process.
Figure 17-1. Data Auditor
When the process completes, the results of the database audit display in the Data Auditor window (Figure 17-2). You can select and then copy text in the window to the Windows clipboard. The copied text can then be pasted in another software program such as Microsoft Excel or Word.
Figure 17-2. Database Integrity Check Completed