Managing the Database : Running Reindex Database

Running Reindex Database
The PCS Axis database uses indexes to accelerate the process of locating records in the database. As you add and delete records, these indexes become fragmented which in turn slow down database performance. The Reindex Database process restores database efficiency by updating the indexes.
Important: Before running Reindex Database, it is recommended that you make a backup of the PCS Axis database using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). For more information about SSMS, see the AI document entitled PCS Axis Database Backup and Restore.
To run Reindex Database:
Click Tools > Job Service Viewer to open the Job Service Console window (Figure 17-3).
Click Reindex Database.
Figure 17-3. Job Service Console
When a warning message opens, click Yes to continue the reindexing process (Figure 17-4).
Figure 17-4. Warning Message
Status information displays in the queue while running Reindex Database (Figure 17-5). When the process completes, status information then displays in the Job History panel.
Figure 17-5. Reindex Database Running