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Commenting Guidelines
The discussion system in PCS Axis Help allows you to submit comments, questions, and other types of feedback about PCS Axis to PCS Technical Services. If you need help with using PCS Axis or have a suggestion for a new feature, you can submit a comment using the discussion system.
The discussion system requires that you use a valid email address when submitting a comment. This also allows PCS Technical Services the ability to follow-up with any questions, comments, or feedback you may have.
Before a comment is posted in PCS Axis Help, it is first submitted to PCS Technical Services for moderation purposes. If the comment is considered to be inappropriate or off-topic, it is not posted in PCS Axis Help.
When submitting a comment, follow these guidelines:
The discussion system does not allow you to submit a comment anonymously. You can however submit a comment as a “guest” using a valid email address.
The discussion system is great way to share product knowledge with other PCS Axis users. Be respectful when replying to another user’s comments or questions.
A comment with profanity will not be accepted or will be edited during moderation by PCS Technical Services before the comment is posted in PCS Axis Help.