Getting Started : System Requirements

System Requirements
The following information identifies system requirements for PCS Axis. See Table 2-2 for client computer requirements and Table 2-3 for server and database requirements.
Note: Unless specified otherwise, client refers to both local client and subscriber (remote client) running PCS Axis in a client/server network.
Subscriber: Microsoft® SQL Server® Express 2008 R2 SP2 must be installed on the computer of a subscriber (remote client) with a subscription database. Follow requirements in the Recommended column of the table above (Table 2-2).
Local Client and Subscriber: If the target computer does not have Microsoft .NET Framework v4.0 installed, the PCS Axis installation automatically installs it. This feature requires an active Internet connection to complete the installation of .NET Framework v4.0.
Local Client: Only the PCS Axis application installs on the computer of local clients in a client/server network. See Table 1 (page 5) for information about the PCS Axis database and job service installation on the central database server.
The PCS Axis database installs on the central database server. If selected in Setup Wizard during the installation, the PCS Axis application and job service can also install on the central database server. For local client and subscriber computer requirements, see Table 2-2.
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