Setting Up PCS Axis : Preparing to Set Up PCS Axis

Preparing to Set Up PCS Axis
After installing PCS Axis, consider the following questions before you begin setting up PCS Axis for operation. Answers to these questions determine how you set up PCS Axis to fit your company's business needs.
When you first install PCS Axis, default settings for location name and location format are Milepost and Station Number respectively. However you can change both of these to match your company’s method for identifying inspection points on a pipeline.
The User Management feature in PCS Axis controls system security using a role based method. Each PCS Axis user is assigned a user role. Users with SysAdmin security permissions have full control of the hierarchy and all system features. Users with User or Read Only security permissions have limited control.
Although PCS Axis provides many fields for entering data, you can create what is called a User-Defined Field (UDF) when a PCS Axis field does not exist. Your company’s data collection forms are a good place to gather data for a UDF you may want to create.
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