Setting Up PCS Axis : Understanding the System Hierarchy

Understanding the System Hierarchy
Before you begin entering data in PCS Axis, you first need to establish the system hierarchy and enter your company’s name. The hierarchy determines how PCS Axis organizes data. The company name displays at the top of all reports and graphs.
You can create a hierarchy that reflects how your company categorizes its pipeline system. For example, you may want to create a hierarchy based on one or more of the following criteria: division, district, county, region, system, right-of-way (ROW), or section map.
PCS Axis supports a hierarchy structure with up to five (5) levels. The top hierarchy level includes either your company’s name or other type of descriptor. The following figure shows a hierarchy structure with three (3) hierarchy levels (Figure 3-2).
Important: After entering data in the database, it is recommended that you do not change the hierarchy structure.
Figure 3-2. Example of Hierarchy Structure