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Setting Criteria Options
The following procedure explains how to set Criteria property settings. If needed, refer to Understanding Public and Private Property Settings for a description of the Private check box and Public caption.
Complete the following steps:
If the Options window is not open, click Tools > Options to open the window. Then click the Criteria tab to open the Criteria options page (Figure 3-7).
Figure 3-7. Criteria Options
Identify the isolation criteria for casing inspections. Type a value in the field Casing Criteria Minimum Difference Between P/S and C/S to set the minimum difference allowed between pipe-to-soil (P/S) and casing pipe-to-soil (C/S) readings before the casing is considered shorted. The default setting is 100 mV.
Note: PCS Axis displays a warning message when the minimum difference does not meet the casing criteria for an inspection reading entered in the data entry grid. Similarly, an entry is added in the Field Computer Log when inspection readings transferred from the Allegro do not meet casing criteria.
Note: The number of days effects the system calculation for the fields Effective Native P/S and Effective Native Date in data entry grids. Native P/S is a potential reading taken prior to any current placed on the pipeline. It is also referred to as a depolarized or static potential reading.
Click Save to save changes.
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