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Setting General Options
To set property settings in the General page of Options, follow these steps:
If the Options window is not open, click Tools > Options to open the window.
Click the General tab to open the General options page (Figure 3-11).
Figure 3-11. General Options
Review the information in Table 3-3 and then set options as needed in the following manner. When you finish, click Save to save changes.
For options with a Private check box, enable or disable the check box based on your company’s requirements.
When the Private check box is enabled, the currently logged in user can change the property setting. Changes are “private” and only apply to the logged in user who makes a change to the setting. If the Private check box is disabled for a property setting, the property setting made by the SysAdmin applies globally to all users and users cannot change the setting.
The Public caption indicates the property setting applies globally to all users.
Applies to documents that have previously been attached to a record in a data grid. When the option is enabled, users are unable to preview an attached document in the Preview Attached Documents window. When the option is disabled, users can open an attached document for editing or viewing purposes if the file type of the attached document is associated with a default software program on their local computer. See Viewing an Attached Document for related information.
This option displays in the General page when using PCS Axis in metric mode. Choose Period, Comma, or Plus in the selection list to identify the delimiter used in the formatting of metric mileposts, such as 0.000 (Period), 0,000 (Comma), or 0+000 (Plus).
Selections for Survey Status Behavior effect the inspection field labeled Surveyed, which is a PCS Axis calculated field.
The Survey Status Behavior option you select identifies which conditions must be met in order for PCS Axis to determine the facility survey status. When conditions are met, PCS Axis places a check mark in the Surveyed check box to indicate the facility has been inspected and a survey reading has been recorded.
Any: The Inspection grid must include at least one inspection field with a survey reading before PCS Axis considers the facility has been surveyed.
All: All fields related to the inspection field must be populated before PCS Axis considers the facility has been surveyed. Related fields include the Activate field for the inspection field in the Information grid; a survey reading in the inspection field of the Inspection grid; and Yes in the property setting for the field labeled System-Inspection Surveyed in Field and UDF Customizations.
Only display the date instead of date and time for date fields such as Inspection Date in the Inspection grid and Repair Found Date in the Maintenance grid.
Identify the name your company uses to refer to inspection points on a pipeline. For example, type Milepost, Station Number, or other type of descriptor in the field User Location Name.
Disable Link Attachments is a system option that applies when attaching a document to a record in a data grid (Tools > Options > General). When the option is enabled, a document can be embedded but not linked to a record. A copy of an embedded document stores in the PCS Axis database and can be accessed by all PCS Axis users. A linked document stores on the local computer of the user who linked the document and can only be accessed by that user.
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