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Setting Report Options
Complete the following steps in the Reports page of Options to set property settings:
If the Options window is not open, click Tools > Options to open the window.
Click the Reports tab to open the Reports option page (Figure 3-12).
If you want to change the default setting used as the caption below the signature line in a Columnar report (Surveyor), type a name in the field Signature Line Caption.
Enable or disable the Private check box based on your company’s requirements.
When the Private check box is enabled, the currently logged in user can change the property setting. Changes are “private” and only apply to the logged in user who makes a change to the setting. If the Private check box is disabled for a property setting, the property setting made by the SysAdmin applies globally to all users and users cannot change the setting. For more information see Understanding Public and Private Property Settings.
Click Save to save changes.
Figure 3-12. Reports
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