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Setting Security Options
Complete the following steps in the Security page of Options to set property settings:
If the Options window is not open, click Tools > Options to open the window.
Click the Security tab to open the Security options page (Figure 3-13).
Figure 3-13. Security Options
Review the information in Table 3-4 and then set options as needed in the following manner. When you finish, click Save to save changes.
Note: The Public caption indicates the property setting applies globally to all users. For more information see Understanding Public and Private Property Settings.
Enable this option if you plan to set up hierarchy rights in User Management for users with User and Read Only security permissions.
Hierarchical security allows you to assign users access rights to certain hierarchy folders in the Select ROWs window. When a user does not have access rights to a hierarchy folder, PCS Axis does not display the folder in the Select ROWs window.
If you want users to enter their Windows password when logging in to PCS Axis, click the option Requires Windows Password. When this option is disabled, the system automatically logs in users with their Windows login credentials (user name and password combination).
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