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Disabling Synchronization
If your company does not plan to use Synchronization, you have the option to disable the feature. When disabled, the Synchronization menu command is not included in the Tools menu, which prevents creating the publication and subscription databases. You can however activate Synchronization at anytime if your company decides later to use the feature.
Note: Property settings with a Public caption refer to system-specified settings that apply globally to all users and can only be changed by the SysAdmin. For more information see Understanding Public and Private Property Settings.
To disable Synchronization, follow these steps:
Click Tools > Options > Synchronization to open the synchronization property settings window (Figure 3-15).
Click the check box Disable Synchronization to place a check mark inside the check box. Then click Save.
The Synchronization menu command is no longer available in the Tools menu. If you decide later to activate Synchronization, clear the check mark by clicking the Disable Synchronization check box.
Figure 3-15. Disable Synchronization