Setting Up PCS Axis : Setting Up PCS Axis : Working with Custom Security Roles : Adding a Custom Security Role

Adding a Custom Security Role
Complete the following steps to add a custom security role:
Click Tools > Security Role Management to open the Security Role Management window (Figure 3-16).
Figure 3-16. Security Role Management
Click Add to open the Add Security Role dialog box (Figure 3-17).
Figure 3-17. Add Security Role
Select a Parent Role to use as a template to create the custom security role. Click the down arrow in the Parent Role field and select a PCS Axis installed security role in the selection list, such as User or SysAdmin.
Type a name for the custom security role in the Name field and a description in the Description field.
Click OK to save changes and return to Security Role Management. Information about the custom security role display in the fields Parent Role, Role, and Description.
Repeat steps 2 through 5 as needed to add additional custom security roles. Then continue with the next section to edit permissions in a custom security role.
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