Setting Up PCS Axis : Setting Up PCS Axis : Setting Properties in Field and UDF Customizations : Renaming Field Captions

Renaming Field Captions
You can rename many of the original PCS Axis field captions with a caption that is more familiar to users in your company. The following procedure explains how to rename field captions. The information is intended for users with SysAdmin user permissions.
Complete the following steps:
Click Tools > Field and UDF Customizations to open the Field and UDF Customizations window (Figure 3-25).
Click Customize to open the Column Selections dialog box (Figure 3-28).
Click the down arrow in Select a Layout Theme and select a theme in the selection list.
Click Save to close the dialog box and return to the Field and UDF Customizations window.
Select an item in the Properties panel to display related fields and property settings in the grid.
For example, double-click Facility Surveys > Common to All Facilities > ROW and Pipeline. The grid displays related fields and property settings for ROW and Pipeline (Figure 3-29).
Note: Clicking the Properties bar collapses the Properties panel allowing you to view more of the grid. Clicking the bar again expands the panel.
Figure 3-29. Field and UDF Customizations
For example, to rename Milepost, type a new description in the adjacent field, such as Station. Bold text indicates a user-modified field as shown in Figure 3-30.
Figure 3-30. Field and UDF Customizations