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About Pipeline Series
When a discontinuity occurs in a pipeline, use Pipeline Series to adjust facility numbers on the pipeline. A discontinuity typically occurs when an extension is added to the pipeline; the pipeline is re-routed; or when a company designates two pipelines as parallel lines. Instead of physically renumbering pipeline location numbers on-site, Pipeline Series allows you to shift pipeline numbering in PCS Axis.
Additional characteristics of Pipeline Series include those in the following list:
All facilities on the pipeline must be assigned to a Pipeline Series when a Pipeline Series is used with a segment of the same pipeline. An entire pipeline can be made up of several Pipeline Series.
The starting milepost of a Pipeline Series corresponds to the starting milepost for a segment of the pipeline. The ending milepost of the Pipeline Series corresponds to the ending milepost for the same segment of pipeline. Each Pipeline Series joins together, end-to-end, to make up the entire pipeline. Pipeline Series defines each segment and is then used to calculate the Relative Milepost.
A pipeline with several different numbering schemes can be converted into a sequential line using a Pipeline Series for each segment of the pipeline. This allows you to graph the entire distance of the pipeline using the Relative Milepost.
As an option, you can set up a Pipeline Series to sort numerically in a data entry grid based on a Series Order assigned to the Pipeline Series. If the Pipeline Series is not set up with a Series Order, it sorts alphanumerically based on a unique identifier assigned to the Pipeline Series using the Series Number field.