Setting Up PCS Axis : Working with a User Defined Module : Understanding a User Defined Module

Understanding a User Defined Module
A user defined module (UDM) provides the same features and functions as a system installed module. It is available for use throughout PCS Axis, such as the Modules, Data Entry, and Reports/Graphs menus; Field and UDF Customizations, Bridge, and Email Notification.
Likewise, the following features provided with a system installed module are also provided with a user defined module: Information, Inspection, and Maintenance data entry grids; layout, sorting, and filter themes; reports and graphs; and optional routes, schedules, and scheduling types for user defined facility types.
The process for adding a user defined module includes the following tasks (Figure 3-61):
Select the Series field for a facility record in the grid to display a drop-down arrow. Click the arrow and select a Pipeline Series in the selection list. Repeat this step for each effected facility record in the data grid.
Set up data entry grids (Data Entry > Edit <module> Data); reports and graphs (Reports/Graphs); scheduling (Data Entry > Edit Schedule Settings and Define Schedules); and routes (Data Entry > Define Routes).
Figure 3-61. Workflow for Adding a User Defined Module