Working with Pipeline Records : Adding a Pipeline in the Hierarchy

Adding a Pipeline in the Hierarchy
To add a pipeline in the hierarchy, follow these steps:
If the Select ROWs window is not open, click File > Select ROWs (Figure 4-3).
Figure 4-3. Select ROWs
Click Add to open the Add New Node dialog box (Figure 4-4). Right-clicking the selected hierarchy folder and selecting Add in the shortcut menu also opens the Add New Node dialog box.
Figure 4-4. Add New Node
Enter a pipeline code for the new pipeline in the ROW Code field. Fields requiring information include a red icon, such as ROW Code in the previous figure (Figure 4-4).
Click the option Expand After Adding if you want to expand the selection tree after clicking Apply.
Click Apply. Repeat steps 3 through 6 as needed to add another pipeline in the selected hierarchy folder.
Continue with Understanding Default Location Formats for information about setting this required field for all pipelines in the system.