Working with Pipeline Records : Moving and Renaming a Pipeline

Moving and Renaming a Pipeline
Complete the following steps to move or rename a pipeline in the hierarchy:
If the Select ROWs window is not open, click File > Select ROWs and then select a pipeline in the hierarchy (Figure 4-6).
To move the selected pipeline to a different hierarchy folder, right-click the pipeline and select Cut in the shortcut menu that opens. Right-click the hierarchy folder you want to move the pipeline to and then select Paste in the shortcut menu that opens (Figure 4-6).
Figure 4-6. Move Pipeline
Click Rename to open the Rename dialog box (Figure 4-7). Right-clicking the selected pipeline and selecting Rename in the shortcut menu also opens the dialog box.
Type a name for the pipeline in the pipeline Code field. In the following example, D-1234 has been entered in the ROW Code field. Click Save to apply the change and close the dialog box.
Figure 4-7. Rename Pipeline