Working with Pipeline Records : Deleting a Pipeline

Deleting a Pipeline
The procedure in this section explains how to delete a pipeline in the hierarchy. Deleting a pipeline also deletes all facilities and history records associated with the pipeline.
Important: Instead of deleting a pipeline, consider creating a new hierarchy folder labeled Sold, Abandoned, or something similar and then moving the pipeline to that folder. Another option is to change the operational status of the pipeline by disabling the Active check box in Edit ROW Detail (Data Entry > Edit ROW Detail). Using either of these methods will preserve data for future references.
To delete a pipeline, follow these steps:
Click File > Select ROWs to open the Select ROWs window. Select a pipeline in the hierarchy you want to delete (Figure 4-8).
Figure 4-8. Select ROWs
Click Delete to open the Confirm Delete dialog box (Figure 4-9). Or, right-click the selected pipeline in the hierarchy tree and select Delete in the shortcut menu to open the Confirm Delete dialog box.
Note: The Confirm Delete dialog box identifies the pipeline and number of associated facilities to be deleted in the Count column (Figure 4-9).
Click Delete to delete the pipeline or Cancel to cancel the operation.
Figure 4-9. Confirm Delete