Working with Pipeline Records : Attaching a Document to a Pipeline Record

Attaching a Document to a Pipeline Record
Attaching a document to a pipeline record in Edit ROW Details is similar to attaching a document to a record in a data entry grid. Use the Attached Document field in the Information and Maintenance grid of Edit ROW Details to link or embed a file or webpage address to a pipeline record. Supported file types include image, video, HTML, XML, music, and text files (such as Microsoft Word, WordPad, Notepad, or PowerPoint files).
As an example, you can attach an image of a pipeline; a document describing your company’s safety procedures; or a document identifying a manufacturer’s specification for a piece of equipment.
Linking a document identifies the file location on a local computer, company network, FTP site, or webpage on the Internet. Linking documents stored on a local computer are accessible only from that computer. Embedding a document stores a copy of the file in the PCS Axis database.
Note: Storing copies of documents in the PCS Axis database increases the size of the database.
If the file type of an attached document is associated with a default software program on the local computer, you can preview the file in the Preview Attached Documents window. Additionally, clicking Open opens the attached document for editing or viewing purposes.
Editing an embedded document applies changes only to the copy stored in the PCS Axis database; changes do not apply to the source file stored outside of PCS Axis. Likewise, editing a source file applies changes only to the source file, not the copy stored in PCS Axis.
Topics in this section include those in the following list:
Note: For information about how to attach a document to a record in a data entry grid, Using Data Entry Grids and Forms.