Working with Pipeline Records : Attaching a Document to a Pipeline Record : Adding the Attached Document Field in the Grid

Adding the Attached Document Field in the Grid
If the Attached Document field is not present in the Information or Maintenance grid of Edit ROW Details, complete the following steps to add the field:
Select one or more pipeline segments you want to work with in the Select ROWs window. Click Save to close the window.
Click Data Entry > Edit ROW Details to open the Edit ROW Detail window (Figure 4-23).
Figure 4-23. Edit ROW Detail
If you want to collapse the Selected ROWs panel to view more of the Edit ROW Detail grid, click Selected ROWs. To expand the panel, click Selected ROWs again (Figure 4-23).
Based on the grid you want to add the Attached Document field, click the Information or Maintenance tab if either of these grids is not visible.
Click the Customize tab to view the Layouts page (Figure 4-24).
Choose a grid layout theme. Click the down arrow in Select Layout Theme and select a layout theme in the selection list.
Double-click All Fields in the left pane of the window to view a list of fields available for selection.
Add the field ROW Attached Documents in the layout theme. Double-click ROW Attached Documents in the left pane of the Layouts page to move it to the right pane. Add other fields as required. The layout theme includes all fields listed in the right pane (Figure 4-24).
Click Save and Close to save changes and return to the grid.
Figure 4-24. Layouts