Working with Pipeline Records : Attaching a Document to a Pipeline Record : Viewing an Attached Document

Viewing an Attached Document
If the file type of an attached document is associated with a default software program on the local computer, you can preview the file in the Preview Attached Documents window. Additionally, clicking Open opens the attached document for editing or viewing purposes.
To view or open an attached document, follow these steps:
Select one or more pipeline segments you want to work with in the Select ROWs window. Click Save to close the window.
Click Data Entry > Edit ROW Detail to open the Edit ROW Detail window (Figure 4-29).
If you want to collapse the Selected ROWs panel to view more of the Edit ROW Detail grid, click Selected ROWs. To expand the panel, click Selected ROWs again.
Figure 4-29. Edit ROW Detail
Click the close button to close the Preview Attached Documents window.
Note: When you open and then edit an embedded document, changes apply only to the copy stored in the PCS Axis database; changes do not apply to the source file stored outside of PCS Axis. Likewise, editing the source file applies changes to the source file, not the copy stored in the PCS Axis database.
Figure 4-30. Preview Attached Documents