Working with Pipeline Records : Working with Themes and Filter Groups : Adding a Sort Theme

Adding a Sort Theme
A sort theme determines how PCS Axis sorts records in a data entry grid. Adding a sort theme allows you to choose which field(s) to sort records by and if records sort alphanumerically in ascending or descending order.
To add a sort theme, follow these steps:
Select one or more pipeline segments in the Select ROWs window. Click Save to close the window (Figure 4-31).
Click Data Entry > Edit ROW Detail to open the Edit ROW Detail window (Figure 4-32).
Note: Clicking the Selected ROWs bar collapses the Selected ROWs panel allowing you to view more of the grid. Clicking the Selected ROWs bar again expands the Selected ROWs panel.
To add a sort theme for the Information grid, click the Information tab if the grid is not visible. Click the Maintenance tab to display the Maintenance grid if you want to create a sort theme for this grid.
Click the Customize tab then the Sorts button to open the Sorts page (Figure 4-36).
Figure 4-36. Sorts
Click Add to open the New Sort Layout dialog box (Figure 4-37).
Figure 4-37. New Sort Layout
Type a name for the sort theme in the field Enter Theme Name. If you want to create a public theme, click the Public check box to place a check mark inside the check box. When the check box is empty, the sort theme saves as a private theme.
Note: Themes are either public or private. A public theme is available for use by all PCS Axis users. A private theme is available only to the user who creates it.
Select a sort theme with fields you want to copy to the new sort theme. Click the down arrow in Copy Fields From Theme and select a theme in the selection list.
Click OK to save changes and return to the Sorts page (Figure 4-38).
Complete the following steps in the Sorts page to add and remove fields in the new sorting theme as needed:
Figure 4-38. Sorts
Click Save to save changes.
Click the Options tab to open the options page (Figure 4-39).
Click the down arrow in the field Select Sort Theme and select the new sort theme in the selection list.
Click Apply to save and apply changes and then return to the data entry grid. To cancel changes, click the Options tab or Cancel to return to the grid.
Figure 4-39. Options