Setting Up User Management : Understanding User Management

Understanding User Management
User Management controls system security using a role based method. Each PCS Axis user is defined in User Management and assigned a PCS Axis installed user role. A user role is a collection of security permissions that tells PCS Axis which system features a user has access to and if the user is allowed to add and edit data.
The following list identifies the three types of PCS Axis installed user roles. Each type gives users a different level of security permissions. Users are assigned only one user role. The SysAdmin user role has full control of all PCS Axis features and functions. For a list of user role permissions assigned to the User and Read Only user roles, see Appendix C. System Security.
When PCS Axis first installs, it creates the first system account using Computer Name user authentication. This account is automatically assigned the SysAdmin user role, which has the highest set of privileges. See Using Computer Name User Authentication for more information.
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