Setting Up User Management : Adding and Editing Users : Adding a New User

Adding a New User
To add a new user in PCS Axis, follow these steps:
Click Tools > User Management > Add (Figure 5-1).
Figure 5-1. Adding a New User
Type a user name in the User Name field and the user’s email address in the Email field.
Edit information in the fields First Name, Last Name and Display Name.
Select a PCS Axis user role by clicking the Read Only, User, or SysAdmin button. If needed, see System Security for information about user role security permissions.
Note: Clicking the Hierarchy Rights bar collapses the Hierarchy Rights panel allowing you to view more of the grid. Clicking the bar again expands the panel.
Hover the mouse over the Image field to display a toolbar .
If PCS Axis i set up with Hierarchical Security in Options, set permissions in Hierarchy Rights to identify which parts of the hierarchy the user will have access. This step applies only to users assigned with the User or Read Only user role. SysAdmin has full access to all items in the hierarchy.
To grant access, click the check box for an item in the hierarchy to place a check mark inside the check box. To remove access, click the check box again to remove the check mark. When you finish, click Apply. For information about Hierarchical Security in Options, see Setting Security Options.
Note: Items in the hierarchy with a check mark indicate the user has access. If a check mark is not present, the user does not have access.
Click Save to save changes.
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