Using Survey Folder Maintenance : Working with a Facility Survey Folder

Working with a Facility Survey Folder
A facility survey folder is a group of inspection readings in a facility survey. PCS Axis uses facility survey folders to organize and track facility survey data. Facility survey folders are used throughout PCS Axis, including data entry grids, reports, Bridge, and Field Computer. You can also use a facility survey folder as an optional filter in a grid or report to easily retrieve a specific set of inspection records.
Names of facility survey folders typically follow regulatory requirements for surveying pipeline segments and facilities. For example, when you create an annual survey folder labeled 2012 Annual Survey, you can then assign inspection readings to the facility survey folder throughout the year as they are completed. Names of facility survey folders are editable allowing you to name a survey folder using a naming convention that best suits your business needs. Examples of typical survey folder names include 2012 Feb Monthly Survey and 2001-2010 Ten Year Survey (Figure 6-1).
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