Using Data Entry Grids and Forms : Working with Data Entry Grids : Filtering Data in a Grid : Filtering Data in the Information Grid

Filtering Data in the Information Grid
To filter the data output in the Information grid of Edit <module> Data, complete the following steps. The placeholder <module> refers to any module, such as Edit CPDM Data.
Click Data Entry > Edit <module> Data.
Open the Information grid for a facility type. For example, click the Information tab and then a facility type button, such as Test Point .
Click the Options tab to open the Options page (Figure 7-42).
Figure 7-42. Options/Information Grid
To include only the most recent information record, select the check box Only the most recent information record for each facility. This option uses the Effective Date to filter the data output.
Note: When using the Filters group box to apply additional filters to the data output, the most recent information record is found first, and then all other filters are applied to the data output. For more information about filters, see Adding an AND Filter Group and Adding an OR Filter Group.
Click Apply to save and apply changes and then return to the Information grid. To cancel changes, click the Options tab to return to the grid.