Using Data Entry Grids and Forms : Working with Data Entry Grids : Using Find to Search a Data Entry Grid

Using Find to Search a Data Entry Grid
To search the content of a data entry grid, follow these steps:
Select one or more pipeline segments in the Select ROWs window (Figure 7-4). Choose pipeline segments with facilities you want to work with, then click Save to close the window.
Open the Edit <module> Data window. For example, click Data Entry > Edit CPDM Data to open the Edit CPDM Data window.
Select a data entry grid. For example, click the Inspection tab and then the Test Point button to display the Test Point Inspection data entry grid.
If you want to collapse the Selected ROWs panel to view more of the grid, click the Selected ROWs bar. Clicking the bar again expands the panel.
Click the Find tab to open the search properties panel (Figure 7-49).
Figure 7-49. Find
Select a Find Operator option. If you want search results to meet all search criteria, select the AND operator. If you want search results to meet any search criteria, select the OR operator.
Set up search criteria. Select a PCS Axis field, operator, and value using the selection fields. To add another row of selection fields, click Add Field and then select a PCS Axis field, operator and a value using the added row of selection fields.
Click Find Next Match to search the grid. Click the button again to find the next match.
Click Reset Find to clear and reset search selection fields. If you want to search for another item in the data entry grid, repeat steps 6 through 8.
Click the Find tab to close the search properties panel.