Using Data Entry Grids and Forms : Working with Data Entry Forms

Working with Data Entry Forms
A data entry form (also referred to as “form”) provides a single record view of facility information. All fields related to a single facility record display in one page of a form. Using this feature allows you to display large amounts of information and data entry fields for one facility record on one form page.
A PCS Axis form typically resembles a familiar paper-based form used by field technicians or data entry personnel. It can also be used as an inspection report or a compliance report when the selected Form Theme includes the appropriate PCS Axis fields. For example, a field technician can use a form to enter survey data when inspecting points along a pipeline segment.
Important: Using a data entry form in PCS Axis requires that the form be created and designed in PCS v7.5 or higher and then imported in PCS Axis. Creating and designing forms in PCS Axis is not currently supported but will be in a future software release. Importing a form in PCS Axis requires the assistance of PCS Technical Services. Contact information for PCS Technical Services is available in the section entitled Technical Support.
Other topics related to forms in PCS Axis include those in the following list: