Using Data Entry Grids and Forms : Working with Data Entry Forms : Navigating a Form or Grid and Form

Navigating a Form or Grid and Form
PCS Axis displays data in a grid and form at the same time. The grid and form synchronize when browsing records or entering data in a record. When editing a record in a grid, the same record displays and updates in the form. The same is true for the grid when editing a record in a form. In the following example, the facility record for milepost 0+20 is selected in both the grid and form (Figure 7-54).
Navigation buttons at the top of a form allow you to view the first , previous , next , and last facility record for a selected pipeline segment (Figure 7-54).
Functions performed with the Based On and Find tabs as well as command buttons (such as Build Survey, Add, Delete, and Refresh) perform the same as those previously described when working in a grid. See Viewing Records in a Grid and Using Find to Search a Data Entry Grid for more information.
Figure 7-54. Grid and Form