Using Data Entry Grids and Forms : Working with Continuous Survey Data

Working with Continuous Survey Data
Information in this section explains how to manage survey readings and other data associated with a continuous survey using the Indirect Survey Manager (ISM) module.
Data entry grids in ISM are organized based on the following continuous survey methods: CIS (Close Interval Survey), AC CIS (AC Close Interval Survey), DCVG (DC Voltage Gradient), ACVG (AC Voltage Gradient), ACCA (AC Current Attenuation), Soil Resistivity, and Pearson. For a description of these survey methods, see Appendix B. Glossary.
Topics in this section include those in the following list:
Important: Survey readings must be assigned to a survey folder in Survey Folder Maintenance before working with data in ISM. If needed, refer to Adding a Continuous Survey Folder for more information.