Using Data Entry Grids and Forms : Working with Continuous Survey Data : Working with Survey Maintenance : Reversing Survey Readings

Reversing Survey Readings
Use Reverse to reverse the order of survey readings so that the first reading becomes the last and the last reading becomes the first. Station numbers for all other survey readings are changed so that the survey is reversed or “flipped”. This function is typically used when survey readings were taken in an upstream direction instead of downstream, or vice versa.
To reverse the order of survey readings, follow these steps:
Click the Select ROWs button to open the Select ROWs window (Figure 7-56). Select the pipeline segment(s) with the facilities you want to work with, then click Save to close the window.
If the ISM module is not open, click Modules > Indirect Survey Manager (ISM).
Open the ISM data entry grid. Click Data Entry > Edit ISM Data. Then click a button labeled with the type of continuous survey you want to work with, such as the CIS button (Figure 7-61).
Select a survey folder with survey readings you want to reverse. Click the down arrow in Selected Continuous Survey and select a survey folder in the selection list.
Note: If you want to collapse the Selected ROWs panel, click the Selected ROWs bar. Clicking the bar again expands the panel.
Figure 7-61. Edit ISM Data
Click Survey Maintenance to open the Survey Maintenance dialog box. Then click Reverse if the tab is not selected (Figure 7-62).
Type a starting station number in the field Starting Station Number and an ending station number in the field Ending Station Number.
Note: Clicking the Windows close button cancels the operation and closes the dialog box.
Click Apply to reverse survey readings and update the data entry grid.
Figure 7-62. Reverse Survey Readings