Using Data Entry Grids and Forms : Working with Continuous Survey Data : Working with Survey Maintenance : Appending a Survey

Appending a Survey
To append a survey with a range of station numbers from another survey (including associated survey readings), complete the following steps:
Click the Select ROWs button to open the Select ROWs window (Figure 7-56). Select the pipeline segment(s) with the facilities you want to work with, then click Save to close the window.
If the ISM module is not open, click Modules > Indirect Survey Manager (ISM).
Click Data Entry > Edit ISM Data to open the ISM data entry grid. Then click a button labeled with the type of continuous survey data you want to work with, such as the CIS button (Figure 7-67).
Select the survey folder you want to append with survey readings from another survey. Click the down arrow in Selected Continuous Survey and select a survey folder in the selection list.
Note: If you want to collapse the Selected ROWs panel, click the Selected ROWs bar. Clicking the bar again expands the panel.
Figure 7-67. Edit ISM Data
Click Survey Maintenance to open the Survey Maintenance dialog box. Then click Append (Figure 7-69).
Note: Clicking the Windows close button cancels the operation and closes the dialog box.
Figure 7-68. Append Survey
Click Apply. If no duplicate station numbers exist, PCS Axis adds the range of appended station numbers with survey readings to the survey currently displayed in the ISM data entry grid.
If duplicate station numbers do exist, the Append Duplicates message displays requiring you to select one of options shown in the following figure. Select an option and then click OK to close the message.
Figure 7-69. Append Duplicates