Using Data Entry Grids and Forms : Working with Continuous Survey Data : Working with Survey Maintenance : Deleting a Range of Station Numbers

Deleting a Range of Station Numbers
Information in this section explains how to delete a range of station numbers in a survey. Survey readings associated with the range of station numbers are also deleted. Deleting all station numbers in a survey also deletes the survey.
To delete a range of station numbers in a survey, follow these steps:
Click the Select ROWs button to open the Select ROWs window (Figure 7-56). Select the pipeline segment(s) with the facilities you want to work with, then click Save to close the window.
If the ISM module is not open, click Modules > Indirect Survey Manager (ISM).
Click Data Entry > Edit ISM Data to open the ISM data entry grid. Then click a button labeled with the type of continuous survey data you want to work with, such as the CIS button (Figure 7-70).
Select a survey folder with station numbers you want to delete. Click the down arrow in Selected Continuous Survey and select a survey folder in the selection list.
Note: If you want to collapse the Selected ROWs panel, click the Selected ROWs bar. Clicking the bar again expands the panel.
Figure 7-70. Edit ISM Data
Click Survey Maintenance to open the Survey Maintenance dialog box. Then click Delete (Figure 7-71).
Note: Clicking the Windows close button cancels the operation and closes the dialog box.
Click Apply.
Figure 7-71. Delete Range of Station Numbers
When the message Delete Survey Readings displays, click OK to delete station numbers and associated survey readings. Clicking Cancel cancels the operation (Figure 7-72).
Figure 7-72. Delete Survey Readings