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Working with Rectifier Negatives
A rectifier can typically have from 1 to 5 negative wires that protect different pipelines. Tracking rectifier negatives in PCS Axis allows you to easily identify which rectifier negative wire is connected to which pipeline. You can also monitor the current flow for each rectifier negative in an effort to determine how much of the total current is used to protect each pipeline.
PCS Axis provides two mini-grids for working with rectifier negatives. Use the Rectifier Negative Information mini-grid to provide negative information, such as the shunt rating or shunt resistance for each negative wire of the rectifier. PCS Axis uses this information to automatically calculate the negative shunt factor.
Use the Rectifier Negative Inspections mini-grid to enter inspection readings for each negative wire of the rectifier, such as a current or shunt reading for each negative wire.
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