Using a Route : Creating a Route

Creating a Route
The following information explains how to create a route with a list of facilities for inspection. Facilities for inspection are based on the pipeline segment(s) you select in the Select ROWs window.
Complete the following steps:
Click the Select ROWs button to open the Select ROWs window (Figure 8-6). Select one or more pipeline segments with facilities you want to include in the route. Click Save to close the window.
Note: A check mark inside a check box indicates a selection. To clear a selection, click the check box again to remove the check mark. A shaded check box indicates selection of some, not all, child folders, ROWs, and pipelines.
Figure 8-6. Select ROWs
Click Data Entry > Define Routes.
If this is the first route to be created, the Add New Route dialog box opens. Type a name for the new route in the field Enter Route Name. Then click OK (Figure 8-7).
Figure 8-7. Add New Route
Figure 8-8. Facility Type Theme Option
To select multiple facility types, click the option button Ad Hoc Theme and then click the check box for one or more facility types, such as Test Point, Rectifier, and Foreign Bond (Figure 8-9).
Note: An Ad Hoc Theme only applies to the current session and is not saved. A facility type is selected when a check mark appears inside the check box. To clear the check mark, click the check box again.
Figure 8-9. Ad Hoc Theme Option
Select which facilities to include in the route. To include all facilities, click Add All and then click Yes when the Add All message opens.
To only include facilities you select, click the check box for each facility in the Facilities Available grid. Or double-click each facility.
Note: Selected facilities display in the Facilities in Route grid.
Click Save to save changes. Continue with the next section to change the order of facilities in the route.
Figure 8-10. Define Routes