Using a Schedule : What is Scheduling?

What is Scheduling?
A schedule is a group of facilities to be surveyed for a specific time period, such as a month or year. The same schedule can include multiple facility types as well as facilities requiring bi-monthly, annual, and multi-year inspections, if those inspections are due in the same year. You can set up some schedules to include every facility that may be due for inspection and others to include one type of facility or survey period. PCS Axis dynamically generates a schedule with the most current information.
A schedule is different from a route, which assigns a specific order to facility inspections. A schedule is a list of facilities that are due to be inspected. A schedule is always ordered by due date and then as an option, sorted by facility ID, address, or route order. If you plan to create a schedule in route order, routes must be defined first (Data Entry > Define Routes).
A valuable feature of scheduling is the ability to transfer a survey based on a schedule to the Allegro Field PC. Once the survey is complete, the PCS Axis database is easily updated by transferring inspection data from the Allegro Field PC to PCS Axis.
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